software consulting for social enterprises
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At Webscience Co., we focus on serving clients who require software to tackle problems in healthcare, education and poverty alleviation.

Quality Assurance

We provide end-to-end quality assurance consulting - design, development, maintenance and training for new and existing software test architecture and processes. We can recommend tools and techniques that will improve the efficacy of your quality assurance outfit and we can help customize these to your organization’s needs.

Responsive Design

We provide a range of web design services including logos, website layout, and more! Get in touch to see how a responsive and user-centric design can change how your customers perceive your organization on the internet.

Web Development

We use our deep experience to provide meaningful context to the products we develop for our clients and ensure that they meet the very unique needs of social impact organizations. We undertake projects in Web, iOS and Android app development.


We have experience with a wide variety of organizations. Here are some testimonials from past work we've done.

360pi Inc.

Robi Khan, Director - Engineering

Aareet joined 360pi around the same time I did. He was our first QA Lead and was instrumental in hiring and building out the QA team. In that time he tackled every task with enthusiasm and professionalism: bootstrapping test plans, QA automation, mobile device testing, and hiring both onsite and offshore resources. As a manager, you hope and wish for people of Aareet's capability. I heartily recommend him for any organization looking to improve their software quality.

Best Buy Canada Inc.

Cole Peyton, Senior Analyst - Strategy

Aareet and I worked closely together for over a year on corporate pricing service integration and QA of the service his firm was providing. Aareet was always professional, proactive and concerned about our needs as a client. I enjoyed working with him and can easily recommend his services.

CareCru Inc.

Kevin Malakoff, CoFounder

I had the pleasure of working with Aareet to relaunch an acquired technology healthcare platform. Aareet not only prepared a well-structured and comprehensive testing matrix, but also advised us on options for how best to establish our QA function and processes. He is knowledgeable on a wide range of areas including HIPAA compliance and QA toolsets which helped us quickly make the right decisions.

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